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About Lifetime Mower

Lifetime Reel Mowers was developed out of the desire to take a great concept - the reel mower - then improve upon the design for an easier end user experience. Reel mowers have a lot to offer in terms of lawn care and environmental benefits but the older models used to be a pain to use. In an effort to rectify this issue, our product developers worked closely with the manufacturer to revise the design.

By adding in ergonomic grips and advanced smooth traveling wheels the reel mower eliminates drag and works to create better maneuverability. Because of the light weight design, the reel mower is actually easier to push than its motorized counterpart. However, it doesn't emit the sound or air pollution associated with motorized mowers.

The careful thought and input behind this product line makes the Lifetime Reel Mowers stand out among other brands in this field. We've established a clear quality centric design and have received rave customer reviews since the product introduction into the marketplace. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of the Lifetime Reel Mowers please contact us for further details. Additionally, Lifetime Reel Mowers can be purchased at fine retail outlets, just view our "where to buy" page for more details.

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