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Lifetime Mowers Quality

The Lifetime Reel Mowers are designed and engineered for years of use. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, both the 16” and 18” models were created to perform season after season.

With our Lifetime reel lawn mowers, you have more maneuverability than motorized mowers. When it comes to lawn maintenance, they’re the light weight, quiet and easy-to-use option. Best of all, manual mowing has never been this easy; ergonomic grips and advanced smooth traveling wheels eliminate drag.

Each reel mower has soft foam grip handles, light weight steel frame with powder coated finish and a steel blade with adjustable cutting height from 1 3/4" - 3 inches.

Quality steel makes all the difference. With welded joints and stainless steel screws the end user can count on the Lifetime brand reel mower to get the sharpest cut for a healthier lawn.

With the powder coated finish, the reel mower stays in good shape through consistent use. Powder coating is the process by which powdered pigment is applied to and cured on a surface. It consists of a mechanical and/or chemical treatment of the surface to remove impurities and contaminants followed by the application of the pigments. Then the material is cured at high temperatures which makes the pigments flow together and react chemically to form the coating.

Powder coating is preferred for certain surfaces because it creates or contains close to no volatile organic compounds and does not sag or run with thicker coats. The overspray can also be recycled so there is little waste, making it less expensive and creating less hazardous waste. Our Lifetime reel mowers are powder coated to provide the most uniform appearance possible.

In terms of care and maintenance, the end user should occasionally spray the cleaned blade with WD-40 and sharpen the blade every other season.

Finally, Lifetime reel mowers trusts in its product line so faithfully that both the 16" and 18" reel mower models are backed by a lifetime warranty*. For the life of the unit for the initial owner, Lifetime Reel Mowers guarantees against defects in material or workmanship.

*Lifetime warranty only applies if terms and conditions are met.

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