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Modern Reasons for Using a Reel Mower

Modern Reasons for Using a Reel Mower

With all the technology available to us today, many people think that the newest solution is the best solution. But when it comes to the home lawn, we believe going back to the roots of lawn maintenance offers the best option. This is because reel mowers help keep lawns healthier.

"Rotary mowers" tear at the grass negatively affecting the quality of future growth and leaving it open to disease. However, reel mowers snip the grass blades, like a pair of scissors resulting in a thin layer of cuttings. This viable mulch can then be used garden maintenance.

You may be pondering: If reel mowers are so great for the lawn, why aren’t more people using them? Well, manually pushing a mower used to be a hassle. However, with recent developments, the art of the reel mower has been updated to make pushing easier. Combining ergonomically correct soft foam grip handles and advanced smooth traveling wheels, Lifetime mowers made the classic design better and more user-friendly.

Another reason that reel mowers are making a comeback is because of our awareness of the environment. Lifetime brand reel mowers offer an alternative to noisy, fume emitting motorized mowers. With carbon emissions on the rise, now is the time to cut back on pollution emitting devices and turn to more earth-friendly options.

Finally, as space is valued, our reel mowers are designed to fold up for compact storage in the garage, storage unit or shed. This saves a growing family more space for toys, bikes, power tools, seasonal decorations and so on.

The reel mower may seem like a blast from the past but with updated features, the classic reel designs has a new twist for easy home use.

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